Worked as Front-end developer while at Stinkdigital

DevArt by Google Creative Lab is powered by developers making art using code. The concept is that users sign in with their GitHub accounts, fork a repository that acts as a template, and work on their repository as an entry to the competition.

Submissions were then judged by Google and artists including Zach Lieberman and Karsten Schmidt. The winner was then commissioned by Google to develop their concept into an installtation at the Barbican’s Digital Revolution exhibition in September 2014.

The tech side

Because this is a Google project, we used Angular on the front-end, and App Engine on the back-end. The combination of these was a first at Stinkdigital, and the learning curve was steep.

The front-end developers had all used Javascript platforms such as Backbone before, but Angular was different and required a different way of working. Everyone agreed that it was a good choice of technology towards the end of the project, and the combination has been used a number of times on other projects.